Étiqueté : Serbia


Denial of genocide prevails in dream for ‘Better Serbia’

« Bring me back my son and my family. I’ll give you my entire fortune! » Kada Hotic, a mother from Srebrenica shouted out to Vojislav Seselj, leader and founder of the Serbian Radical Party. Surrounded by journalists, Seselj stood outside the Higher Court in Belgrade two weeks ago where a hearing was about to start against…


Cuban refugees stranded in Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia – A year after images of refugees surviving in harsh conditions in Belgrade triggered worldwide indignation, the plight of people crossing the Western Balkans remains critical. While data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) shows a decrease in the number of refugees registered in Serbia – from approximately 7,900 in…


The tragic loss of life of a six-365 days-outmoded refugee in Serbia

The family of a six-year-old Afghan refugee, who was hit by a moving train during a forced deportation, say Serbian authorities waited four days to confirm their young relative’s death and provided them with just four bottles of water to perform Muslim funeral rites. A freight train struck Madina Husein on November 21 in Serbia…

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