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As the demise toll within the Damascus’ suburb of Jap Ghouta reached nearly seven-hundred in two weeks and continues to rise, many so-referred to as modern voices continue to give an explanation for the carnage.

Many are slow convinced that the regime is battling al-Qaeda in Jap Ghouta, which is using civilians as human shields – hence the quite loads of slow are not in actual fact the regime’s fault.

A immense series of leftist within the West and the East possess been procuring for into regime propaganda for years now. From Australian academic Tim Anderson, who’s claimed that Bashar al-Assad has not been all for mass killings of civilians and develop into as soon as simply demonised by the imperial West to British and US journalists Robert Fisk and Seymour Hersh who possess claimed the regime did not exercise chemical weapons in quite loads of assaults on civilians, leftist public figures continue to agree with that the Assad dictatorship is a bastion of anti-imperialism within the set and desires to be supported.

They refuse to fair net that over 500,000 folk possess been killed within the war, the extensive majority by the regime, which, not like the rebels, possesses, and uses indiscriminately, airpower (collectively with the notoriously unfavorable barrel bombs dropped from helicopters).

Even when there are historical causes for these misconceptions by immense sections of the left, within the middle of the sizzling unsafe destruction and loss of existence in Syria, they are simply inexcusable.

For me, it’s a ways unfathomable how folk that possess stood up for social justice and human rights internationally remain in enhance of a regime that has exploited its inhabitants economically and tortured and killed harmless civilians in basically the most horrendous programs that it’s seemingly you’ll maybe be also agree with. Or how folk that had considered thru US imperial war propaganda can’t gaze thru the Russian identical of it.

Since I fled Syria in 2014, I in actual fact possess heard two typical leftist myths about what’s going down in my country. I are attempting to address each and each of them below.

It be a regime substitute standing in opposition to an knowledgeable govt.

Many individuals that did not word Syria support in 2011 and 2012 will not realise that the sizzling war began with a magnificent uprising within the country.

In March 2011, Syrians, collectively with myself, joined the Arab Spring, and we had every reason to.

We dreamt of political and socioeconomic substitute, magnificent elections, and a disclose that respects us and our rights. And nobody can expose us, especially nobody from the « free world », that our insurrection develop into as soon as not justified. 

The new president, Bashar Al-Assad, came to power in 2000. No, not thru elections or even consultations with events or consensus of neighborhood and spiritual leaders. He simply « inherited the throne » from his father, Hafez, after his demise.

Hafez, too, develop into as soon as unelected: He came to power in 1970 in a armed forces coup. 

Syrians my age, and the three generations older than me, never voted in their grownup lives. The one part I ever voted in develop into as soon as Arab Idol.

The Syria of my childhood develop into as soon as a repressive police disclose. I grew up believing that the partitions had ears and that it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe not criticise the regime, even in your possess dwelling.

In colleges, we possess been brainwashed on daily foundation. I attended Baathist colleges, where the president’s portrait decorated every wall. For the length of the flag salute every morning, we referred to as for the immortality of Hafez al-Assad sooner than heading to class. We memorised songs praising him and the Baathist Birthday celebration, we needed to recite his speeches. He develop into as soon as our chief and father. When Hafez died in 2000, I develop into as soon as 9 years dilapidated. I cried for the reason that particular particular person that I’d consistently been knowledgeable develop into as soon as immortal had died like a typical human.

The country belonged to the Assad family. It is seemingly you’ll also not extinguish industry with out going thru them. Assad’s family members and conclude pals had bellow wait on an eye on over all import licenses and govt contracts.

Bashar’s cousin, Rami Makhlouf, is the richest man in Syria. Makhlouf controls the most most valuable mobile phone firm, TV channels, safe-govt newspapers and aged to manipulate the oil and gas industry of the country sooner than the war.

Forward of 2011, no political activities possess been allowed, to the extent that even attending political meetings can also derive you jailed and tortured for years. After the quick « Damascus spring » within the early 2000s, where we dared to hope things would substitute below Bashar, and the subsequent crackdown, we realised Bashar will seemingly be ethical like his father.

Most attention-grabbing, he turned out to be worse.

So in March 2011, after we saw Tunisians and Egyptians rising up and toppling their dictators, we understanding we can also furthermore quiz substitute. Despite the total institutionalised repression and propaganda, Syrians aloof took the chance and went out into the streets. Folks of all walks of existence and background joined the protests – Christian, Druze, Muslim, Sunni, Alawite, Ismaili, Palestinians, Circassians, etc, younger and dilapidated men and females demanded substitute.

We knew that the stamp for substitute might maybe maybe be high, nonetheless we had no understanding it will probably be this high. Protesters possess been shot slow with live ammunition. I lost a selection of my pals, I develop into as soon as shot at. I witnessed folk getting shot within the support by snipers and the police. Folks began disappearing en masse, never to arrangement support support; some turned up slow after arrests. And it develop into as soon as at that 2d that Bashar lost no matter shrimp legitimacy he might maybe want had as a dictator.

So no, here will not be a regime substitute imposed by the West. That is an uprising in opposition to an illegitimate dictator. We had and aloof possess every reason to quiz substitute. 

We couldn’t care less where the US stood on our war. Regime substitute when it’s demanded by folk, who suffered below authoritarianism, is knowledgeable. That quite loads of powers, like the US and its allies within the Gulf and Turkey, possess gotten all for the war (and in actual fact, militarised it) does not delegitimise our war. And we rely on international leftist actions to enhance us, not ignore or mock us.

The jihadis are hiding in Ghouta. The Syrian regime is battling them.

Like in any chaotic war, radicalisation discovered fertile ground within the Syrian war. When folk are exposed to immense stress and injustice, tragically some will change into radicalised. 

The truth that there are some who took a more radical route within the past seven years, would not mean that everybody who is anti-Assad is furthermore a terrorist.

In Syria – in Ghouta in explicit – we now possess armed groups like Jaish-al Islam and Failaq al Rahman, Ahrar al-Sham, Hay’et Tahrir al-Sham (which has a in actual fact shrimp presence, despite what Assad might maybe want you specialise in) and others – all of which possess dedicated violations and human rights abuses. 

Nonetheless, this would not mean that Ghouta is populated by terrorists. So a lot of Syrians, not only in Ghouta nonetheless furthermore at some point soon of insurrection-held areas, possess stood their ground and resisted extremism and oppression from either aspect. A respectable instance are the activists Razan Zeytouneh and Samira al-Khalil, who possess been documenting violations on either aspect in Jap Ghouta, for which they possess been threatened each and each by the regime and armed groups within the placement. They possess been abducted in December 2013 and possess not been considered since then; their households possess held Jaish al-Islam responsible.

So sure, there possess been violations by the armed groups, and seemingly, they’ve furthermore shelled civilian areas in Damascus. Nonetheless by having a peep on the abuses of simply one aspect, you’re lacking the purpose: first, the overall inhabitants in Jap Ghouta – which suffers basically the most – will not be battling; two, the regime is killing on an enormous scale. Shelling by rebels killed sixty four civilians in February in your total of Syria, while regime bombardment killed 852. The regime, too, has arrested, forcibly disappeared, tortured and performed tens of 1000’s of americans.

And the Russian accusations that the armed groups are maintaining civilians support as human shields sound all too familiar. Each time the Israelis bombs Gaza, they proceed into the identical account; these 1,500 civilians who died within the summer of 2014 possess been furthermore all « human shields victims ». The US, too, mentioned the identical about the nearly 1,000 folk that lost their lives for the length of the offensive on Raqqa.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, the US and Israel possess all been all for this war, nonetheless so possess Russia and Iran. Revolt groups possess killed civilians, and so has the regime – on an enormous scale, too. You can’t condemn the crimes of one aspect with out condemning the crimes of the different and aloof ponder you’re a proponent of justice.

The views expressed on this article are the author’s possess and extinguish not basically mediate Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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