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Eastern Ghouta: Hyperinflation compounds war in insurrection space

Residents of rebel-held areas in Syria are struggling to afford daily necessities, as hyperinflation is compounding the already dire humanitarian situation in the war-torn country. Inflation of the Syrian pound (SYP) has resulted in a financial crisis for the majority of civilians in rebel-held Eastern Ghouta, due to lack of money in bank reserves and…


Court charges and ache: Bosnia war rape victims strive against

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Two decades have passed since the war ended in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but Selma – not her real name – still lives in fear. She is a survivor of rape and a former prisoner of the 1992-95 Bosnian war, in which an estimated 100,000 people were killed. Some estimates put…


Africa cohesion is a ‘pillar of Palestinian fight’

Senior Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzouk has praised African states for the solidarity they have shown Palestinians in their fight against Israeli occupation. In an opinion piece he wrote for South Africa’s Mail and Guardian newspaper, Abu Marzouk called on African states and political parties to reject attempts to normalise relations with Israel. The deputy…


Gender violence in Guatemala: ‘A lady’s fight is all people’s fight’

‘A woman’s struggle is everyone’s struggle’ Ana Maria, 38 Discrimination hurts. Not being allowed to enter places because I’m wearing my traditional dress, speaking my native language, or simply because I am poor – it hurts. Our government is racist and exclusive. They do not take into account the opinions of indigenous women. They don’t…

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