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Why African feminists gaze Rwanda as characteristic mannequin

Males tend to outnumber females in most parliaments around the world, but not in Rwanda. Women make up the majority of parliament in this African country. By most measures, Rwanda is Africa’s gender-equality success story for high female representation in politics, education and the workplace. Rwanda was the first country in the world to have…


Battle-weary Afghan students flock to Doha for Model UN

Doha, Qatar – Siar Khan Khankhail sat in a plane and travelled outside of his country for the first time on Sunday. The 19-year-old from Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province was selected as a delegate to attend a global conference in Doha. But when Khankhail reached the Qatari capital, all thoughts turned to Nesar, his brother. Nesar used to…


Germany: Brexit deal will seemingly be model for EU-Turkey ties

Germany’s foreign minister has said has that a successful « Brexit » deal could act as a framework for managing ties with other countries, including Turkey. Britain voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, becoming the first country to seek divorce from the bloc, which includes Germany but not Turkey. « If we are able to…

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