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Kosovo: Remembering bloodbath victims and the lacking

Gjakova, Kosovo – On February 17, 2008, through a unilateral declaration, the Republic of Kosovo proclaimed its independence from Serbia. As of 2017, 110 UN member states recognise Kosovo as a country. Its independence was the result of a bloody conflict – a war of ethnic cleansing by paramilitary forces inspired by Serb hardliners. More than…


Israel: DNA assessments would perchance present answers on missing infants

Nazareth, Israel – Thousands of Israeli families who have been searching in vain for answers since their babies mysteriously disappeared in the early 1950s – shortly after Israel’s creation – have been thrown a lifeline. The mystery of the missing children has plagued Israel for decades, with evidence mounting that at least some of the babies…


Letters to Raqqa’s missing

It has been more than two months since the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces pushed ISIL out of its former capital Raqqa and other strongholds in Syria.  But the fate of thousands of men, women and children detained by the armed group remains unknown. ISIL (also known as ISIS) operated an estimated 54 detention centres, as well as several secret…

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