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After Tillerson, is Gulf disaster heading for lengthy ‘cold peace’?

Washington, DC – US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s ouster by President Donald Trump and the replacement of CIA Director Mike Pompeo may shift US policy in the Middle East in ways that could prolong the Gulf crisis and raise tensions with Iran, according to US-based analysts. « The Qataris have lost a friend in the administration and that can’t…


Nuclear knowing: China accuses US of ‘Wintry Battle mentality’

China has accused the United States of having a « Cold War mentality » after the latter announced its plans to diversify its nuclear arsenal by developing smaller bombs. On Sunday, the Chinese foreign ministry said that the US should focus instead on promoting regional stability, and condemned a US government report that listed Beijing as a…


Turkey, Greece and the technology of ‘Cool Peace’

When Celar Bayar arrived in Athens on November 28, 1952, he could not possibly envisage that he would be the first and only Turkish president to ever visit neighbouring Greece. Sixty-five years later, another leader’s name will be added this week to that exclusive list. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was not even born at the…

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