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Turkey demands return of plundered gentle artefacts

Ankara, Turkey – Serdal Kuyucuoglu sits behind his desk in the Turkish parliament, flicking through a book detailing some of the thousands of ancient artefacts he says have been plundered from Anatolia over the past 200 years. « There were so many things stolen from Turkey that are now held in museums in the US, England,…


Tunis bookbinder ‘giving lifestyles’ to feeble manuscripts

Tunis, Tunisia – Mohamed Ben Sassi gingerly lifts the gold-trimmed leather cover and the book cracks open down the middle, pulled down by the weight of hundreds of beige pages inside. They are discoloured and chipped along the edges, but the black, Arabic script printed on each page is clear. « Two-hundred-and-fifty years, » Ben Sassi says, as…

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