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Athens, Greece – Closed borders, racism, xenophobic attacks, rejected asylum functions, poverty and lengthy waits.

These experiences are what many refugees and migrants in Greece voice outlined 2017 for them.

Better than 60,000 refugees and migrants are trapped in Greece resulting from sealed borders across the so-known as Balkan route and the March 2016 deal between Turkey and the European Union, which was sculpted to stem the circulation of displaced other folks to Europe.

That deal has been roundly condemned by rights groups and watchdogs.

Better than 15,000 refugees and migrants had been confined to Greek islands by a authorities protection that bars them from moving to the mainland till their asylum procedures had been done.

Though arrivals sharply decreased after the EU-Turkey deal, the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) statistics voice that extra than 170,317 other folks made the treacherous trail across the Mediterranean Sea in 2017.

At the least three,081 died or went lacking alongside the model.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, some refugees in Greece outlined that they now now not feel welcome, while others talked about they’ve began to accumulate their lives from scratch.

Masood Qahar, 40, Afghanistan

Masood Qahar, 40, fled Afghanistan after receiving demise threats [Patrick Strickland/Al Jazeera] 

Reasonably a few refugees had been arrested and fasten in jail. Greece has been rejecting refugees [asylum requests]. Of us live in the streets; they’ve a crude subject.

Sooner than, they had been telling refugees to return and apply for asylum [in Europe].

Now, other folks are now not getting asylum – it’s miles taking an extraordinarily long time and a great deal of alternative folks are getting opposed [replies to their requests], especially single males.

I lived in a tent for one 365 days and 6 months. Now I am in a container, but in a single container there are 5 other folks. It be a crude subject within.

There may possibly be a heater, but it doesn’t work. Within the iciness, it be cold. Within the summertime, there’s no such thing as a air conditioner. Whenever you effect a matter to for a blanket, they [camp authorities] comprise upright one acknowledge: ‘We create now not comprise one.’

They [Greek authorities] had been moving me to various camps the total time. It be because of I’ve protested for the rights of refugees. It be cherish jail. You create now not comprise rights. We are now not absorbing the meals.

The outdated day, I opened the meals and it smelled crude – it was two days light. We threw it in the rubbish. Whenever you teach them you’re human and now not to present you bullsh*t meals, they teach you to circulation away.

Whenever you watched about the topic in Greece, there are financial complications.

The Greek other folks additionally create now not comprise cash. If the expert other folks from Greece create now not comprise jobs, how can I attach a matter to refugees to bring together work?

But we are laborious workers. Now we are upright collecting rubbish, working illegally for miniature cash – three or Four euros a day.

First, [Europe] cherished refugees. Now they disfavor refugees. They are looking out for to power refugees to circulation away this country. So, we glimpse that we create now not comprise a future here.

I’ve tried repeatedly to circulation away Greece. First, I attempted to circulation to Macedonia in 2016. Second, I attempted to circulation away Patras [to Italy]. Police arrested me for two nights, didn’t give me meals and beat me loads. I’ve additionally tried to circulation a ways off from the airport.

Two years prior to now, when I first arrived, no person requested if I am if truth be told a refugee and who I am. Now, must you stroll in the boulevard, there are hundreds of oldsters treating you cherish sh*t.

Mahmoud al-Zaidy, 21, Iraq 

Mahmoud al-Zaidy, 21, fled Iraq after working as a warfare photographer [Patrick Strickland/Al Jazeera]

I have been in Greece for a 365 days and a 1/2. I was working as a photographer in Iraq, and I was covering the warfare because the ISIL entered the topic.

I left after I was shut to a automobile bombing. I wasn’t injure, but that was why I chose to circulation.

I went to Turkey, but I wasn’t satisfied with the life there. I made up our minds to return to Europe.

I had made up our minds to circulation to Germany, but when I came to Greece I was satisfied with the country and the Greek other folks.

I didn’t feel that they had been racist or sectarian.

I started studying English and Greek, after which I met any individual who invited me to return to City Plaza [a refugee squat in Athens].

I made upright relations here. The Greek other folks had been upright with me, and I haven’t felt any racism or discrimination, so I made up our minds to proceed my life here.

I’ve applied to asylum for here, and I want to live in Greece.

The finest subject here is the work. It be very laborious to bring together work, and in particular as a photographer. It be additionally laborious because of I create now not keep in touch English neatly and I create now not keep in touch powerful Greek.

For me, I’m now not afraid of returning to Iraq, but I create now not comprise a future there.

That’s why I made up our minds to circulation away. The previous couple of years had been very laborious in Iraq, especially since ISIL came.

I was simplest 18 years when that began. I create now not cherish warfare or violence. That’s now not for me, and working as a photographer in warfare is now not for all time my goal.

I want to proceed my work. Now, I am starting over, so it be laborious to delivery up from scratch. The topic is amazingly upright in City Plaza.

It be a field for refugees to delivery constructing their lives all all over again. If it wasn’t for City Plaza, perchance I could also be sound asleep in the streets.

Ali Jaffari, 33, Pakistan

Ali Jaffari, 33, hopes to be reunited alongside side his companion in Switzerland [Patrick Strickland/Al Jazeera]

I have been in Greece for two years. I came with my companion and two boys. They are three and 5 years light. I haven’t viewed any upright adjustments for refugees in the last two years.

There are hundreds of refugees going by draw of difficulties correct by draw of this iciness season. I will be succesful to feel their pain because of I even comprise lived the the same subject. Closing 365 days, it was damn cold [in the camps], living in the tents.

I was a member of a political occasion for the [Hazara Shia] neighborhood in Pakistan. I had a upright life. Why did I jog?

I was underneath attack [by armed groups]. I made up our minds there was no extra hope to live in my city [Quetta].

I knew we could per chance face difficulties [coming to Europe].

The European Union-Turkey deal is against humanity. I believe very sad.

I’ve lost two years of my life – if anyone gives up two years of their life, it be an extraordinarily treasured length of time. I could’ve performed many things.

The finest subject here is the monetary crisis and the job opportunities are very low; now not simplest for the refugees but additionally for the Greek other folks.

My expectations to bring together a job are now not very excessive. I’ve even composed recyclables from the rubbish and tried to resell it. I’d live in Greece if there had been opportunities.

I sent my companion to Switzerland. Factual now, I am waiting for reunification to affix her.

It be taken two years to accumulate my asylum interview. I am constantly thinking of accumulate out of this subject. 

I want to be impartial, stand on my comprise two toes and comprise a upright future for my children.

But I am sorry to command it appears cherish there’s no such thing as a chance for that in Greece.

Just a few other folks here [in Greece] are racist and create now not cherish refugees. In all locations the sphere there are upright and crude other folks.

Once I first came to Athens, I was in the Elliniko camp. I lived in a tent with my family for months. It was very advanced for us.

Later, I moved to any other camp. Eventually, I got a residence here in City Plaza [squat].

The authorities is now not for all time doing anything but making camps, where it be very cold and crude.

In City Plaza, it be a gigantic switch, and they also treat the refugees neatly.

This makes refugees feel cherish they’re in a residence. It gives us hope that we are able to soundless combat.

It be a upright field, stable for the kids, it be clear and we accumulate meals. It be powerful greater than the camps.

I wish the Greek authorities and the EU would delivery up the empty structures for refugees living in the camps.

Karime Qias, 17, and Shafiqa Qias, 21, Afghanistan

Karime Qias, 17, now not too long prior to now left Lesbos with her family, arrving in Athens [Patrick Strickland/Al Jazeera]

Karime: We camped delivery air the [municipality] for several nights [to protest in Lesbos]. We had hundreds of NGOs coming to keep in touch to us [in Lesbos], but they didn’t enact anything for us.

They are the exhaust of [refugees’ cases] for funding. But they didn’t bring together us a field for us to live [outside of the camps].

There had been additionally lawyers who noticed us sound asleep delivery air, but no person helped.

Every night [in the camps] there was combating. Many of us comprise [developed] psychological health complications.

The Greek authorities has created a subject where refugees [of different nationalities] combat each other.

They divide us by category, culture, language – that is a political game.

Shafiqa: Once we had been in Lesbos [for three months before coming to Athens], we had to combat for every thing. Daily the topic was getting worse for refugees in [Lesbos]. We realized what the political combat intended. 

We didn’t judge that Europe was cherish this. We enact now not want to live in Greece. We are very satisfied that we left Lesbos, but we want to proceed [to elsewhere]. Per chance we are able to also hasten to Canada, or if now not, Finland.

We now comprise got many hopes for the long mosey.

Wherever we find yourself, we want to bring together a residence for our family.

I promise that this time next 365 days you are going to bring together us in a magnificent greater field.

*These interviews had been edited for readability and brevity

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