Poroshenko sacks Lozhkin after data of $500m deal


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Ukraine’s president has pushed apart his chief financial adviser, Boris Lozhkin, hours after Al Jazeera contacted both men over a memoir that indicates they obtained millions of bucks raised fraudulently.

The money develop into once share of a $500m cost from one more oligarch, Sergei Kurchenko, who played a central characteristic in the authorities of outdated President Viktor Yanukovych.

It involves a deal surrounding the acquisition of Ukraine’s finest media neighborhood, United Media Holdings (UMH), in 2013.

Austrian officials investigated a $130m transaction that formed share of the deal, on suspicion of money laundering. They later dropped the case, saying they had viewed no proof to suggest the money develop into once soiled, partly on fable of they had no longer obtained any data from their Ukrainian counterparts.

But a doc obtained by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit reveals that the money paid for UMH came from a mortgage secured with stolen resources. An analysis of company registry paperwork furthermore suggests that, by a British Virgin Islands (BVI) company, President Petro Poroshenko develop into once a shareholder on the day of the sale, indicating he benefited from the deal. That is something he has constantly denied.

Campaigners call for investigation

Al Jazeera contacted Poroshenko and Lozhkin on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Lozhkin announced on social media that he could well be leaving the National Investment Council.

Thursday’s data furthermore comes on the day President Poroshenko begins a « working focus on over with » to Austria, the put apart he’s maintaining financial, commerce and security talks with the federal president and chancellor.

Lozhkin develop into once central to President Poroshenko’s administration as his chief of workers except 2016 and head of his National Investment Council. His links to the deal are a political embarrassment, at a time when the president is looking to persuade the West he’s fervent on corruption.

Now campaigners are calling on Ukrainian and Austrian authorities to reopen investigations into the 2013 rating of UMH.

« Ukrainian prosecutors have to have solid proof of the illicit starting put apart of the funds paid by Kurchenko for UMH support in October 2013, » mentioned Daria Kaleniuk of Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Action Centre (ANTAC).

The purchaser of UMH, 28-300 and sixty five days-dilapidated Sergei Kurchenko, is a gasoline and oil multi-millionaire regarded as central to the multi-billion-dollar corruption schemes of Viktor Yanukovych’s authorities, which develop into once overthrown in the EuroMaidan revolution of February 2014.

The brand new data furthermore raises advanced questions for the Forbes corporation, which had sold its Ukraine franchise to UMH. It welcomed the sale as bringing a « new opportunity », and high govt Miguel Forbes went on to expose Kurchenko on « management and pattern of the media enterprise and exterior activities ».

Lozhkin has written of the 2013 deal, saying, « Kurchenko develop into once itching to rating possession, which is why the deal develop into once closed four months sooner than schedule – in early November 2013.

« Every oligarch has true – and alleged – skeletons in the closet, » wrote Lozhkin. « Does that imply you can not agree with normal, clear provides with them? It does not, in my search. In any other case, we would no longer ever safe away of the good judgment of chilly war, civil war and by no methodology-ending property redistribution. »

Kurchenko has since fled to Moscow, the put apart he’s battling Western sanctions, a Ukrainian arrest warrant and asset seizures price rather a lot of of millions of bucks.

In December final 300 and sixty five days, a Kiev court docket seized the corporate rights of UMH. No doubt one of many arguments prosecutors ragged develop into once that the $160m mortgage agreement confirmed « indicators of laundering the proceeds of crime ».

The earlier house owners of UMH fared better after the revolution, when Poroshenko, the billionaire owner of a multinational confectionary company, develop into president in June 2014. He appointed the founding father of UMH, his enterprise accomplice and buddy Boris Lozhkin, as his chief of workers.

The Oligarchs, an investigation launched by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit final month, sheds new light on the UMH sale. It involves a doc revealing the existence of a $160m mortgage obtained by Kurchenko for the UMH rating.

Kurchenko assign up $50m as security on that mortgage. Nonetheless, a beforehand secret Ukrainian court docket uncover, launched by Al Jazeera in January, reveals the money develop into once held in three Cyprus firms that were share of a tall « legal enterprise », dedicated to the embezzlement and laundering of $1.5bn on behalf of the outdated Yanukovich authorities.

It methodology that nearly a nil.33 of the money that Lozhkin and his merchants obtained for the sale develop into once raised fraudulently, from a mortgage secured by stolen money and attributable to this fact with a bootleg starting put apart. Campaigners imagine that’s sufficient grounds for additional investigation in both Ukraine and Austria.

It is no longer urged that the sellers knew about the dubious security for the mortgage raised by Kurchenko, however there are questions about what due diligence develop into once undertaken at the time.

President Poroshenko has always claimed he had sold his three p.c share in UMH in the months before the deal. Nonetheless, an analysis of Cyprus company info by Al Jazeera indicates that, on the day of the sale, he aloof held the shares by a company in the BVI.

So, except he divested himself of the BVI company beforehand, at the point of sale, Poroshenko stood to safe $15m, tripling his preliminary funding.

« Why is there no confiscation of funds from those, who – if we’re to imagine the final public court docket info – obtained soiled money from Kurchenko for UMH support in 2013? » says Daria Kaleniuk.

Kaleniuk sees an solution to her contain demand. « The prosecutor normal of Ukraine could presumably no longer ever flee in opposition to enterprise and political interests of Petro Poroshenko. »

Poroshenko has taken the lead in Ukraine’s Western-backed fight in opposition to corruption, however, as he approaches original elections, many have misplaced religion in him. A most up to date editorial in the Kyiv Put up described him as « the king of the shocking and kleptocratic oligarchy » and « a persecutor of his political foes and anti-corruption activists. »

Ukrainian and Austrian prosecutors declined to whine for this memoir. A spokesman for the president mentioned he did no longer contain, without prolong or not without prolong, any shareholding in United Media Holdings on 28 October 2013. Accordingly, Poroshenko did no longer safe any money from the sale referred to in our inquiry, and thus could presumably also no longer have any tax liabilities in that regard.

He added that Poroshenko sold his shareholdings in all UMH projects in 2012 and Might perhaps 2013, respectively.

Al Jazeera is anticipating whine from Lozhkin.

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