Paperwork present how ISIL ran areas under its regulate


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Paperwork from ISIL-held areas in Iraq occupy shed mild on the armed neighborhood’s tricky rules of inside of governance and the destiny searching ahead to warring parties who violated its code of conducts and prison pointers.

Got by Al Jazeera, the recordsdata furthermore provide further evidence about the Islamic Utter of Iraq and Levant’s structure and stage of organisation.

The documents had been seized from al-Baaj district west of Mosul, Iraq’s 2nd-biggest city, following its have interaction by Iraqi forces in June.

One in every of them, which bears the emblem of ISIL’s « Well-liked Committee », directs all of the neighborhood’s governing constructions in areas they controlled to punish those who fled or attempted to fracture out the combating with Iraqi forces.

It furthermore instructs ISIL, on the general customarily known as ISIS, warring parties to flip anyone they have interaction over to the neighborhood’s « defense power court docket » and « navy intelligence ».

Hassan Abu Haniyeh, a Jordanian educated on armed teams within the Center East, told Al Jazeera that the courts would largely hand down loss of life sentences because many of the violations had to total with warring parties refusing to buy section in a battle, or soliciting for to leave the neighborhood to switch wait on to their country of origins.

Other documents supplied to Al Jazeera had been recordsdata of ISIL’s police personnel who had been caught violating ISIL’s code of behavior and prison pointers.

The recordsdata contained the names, nationalities and photos of cops arrested for cases equivalent to drinking alcohol, sexually molesting children, stealing and blasphemy.

Stealing would most incessantly be punished by the cutting of a hand, whereas drinking alcohol would end in lashes and imprisonment, per Abu Haniyeh.

If a fighter became once caught molesting children, the penalty would be several dozen lashes and penitentiary time, he added.

Nonetheless if there became once a homosexual relation between two consenting males, the punishment for that could well well be loss of life by being thrown from a huge constructing.

Other recordsdata are linked to ISIL warring parties who both refused to battle or wanted to achieve to their international locations of initiating build. Most of them had French, Swiss and Belgian nationalities; others had been from Balkan international locations.


Launched last year, ISIL’s « Well-liked Committee » is barely like an executive council tasked to dash the neighborhood’s day-to-day operations within the absence of management figures who had been both killed, captured or fled throughout the main push by Iraqi forces to retake territory lost to the neighborhood in 2014.

Abu Haniyeh said ISIL restructuring over the last two years printed recount traits of a fascist circulation.

« Despite getting long-established Islamic labels to its constructions, ISIL’s organisational charts are extra linked to Nazi or Fascist teams than something else, »  he said.

« Every decision-making direction of made within ISIL’s structure has to battle by means of its intelligence-security apparatus which has regulate over the full lot else, including non secular matters, » he added.

The most modern head of the « Well-liked Committee » is Jordanian Abu Abdel Rahman al-Shami, per analysts.

ISIL has met a chain of defeats in Syria and Iraq after it made predominant advances all the scheme in which by means of the 2 international locations four years ago and declared its purpose to compose a caliphate.

Remaining month, Iraqi High Minister Haider al-Abadi launched the recapture of town of Hawija, the truth is one of ISIL’s last stronghold in Iraq.

The Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab opposition forces backed by the usa, pushed the armed neighborhood out of its de facto capital, Raqqa, in Syria.

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