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Susan Emem remembers the time she encountered Nigeria’s feared Particular Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) one twelve months prior to now.

She and 7 other chums beget been heading home after an night out in Enugu, in southeast Nigeria.

« We beget been coming from Vulgar Lounge, a bar, » she said.

« They dragged us out of the taxi we beget been in and said they beget been going to cost us for being dressed beloved prostitutes. They shot into the air several times to fright us and shut us up as we tried to argue. »

Susan connected the incident in a command tinged with madden.

« My pal, the becoming man among us, tried to motive with a few of the officers however the officer hit him tantalizing with the quit of his gun. This used to be as soon as we realised that things had gone out of hand, » she said.

Susan and her chums beget been flung into the again of a van by Four SARS operatives and taken to a police earn 22 situation at New Haven the establish they beget been at last thrown into a cell.

« The SARS officers took our phones and internal most assets, » Susan recalls.

« They said if we did no longer cooperate they’d execute us and no-one would salvage out.

« I desired to pee at some level, so a few of the officers took me to a nook and watched me pull my garments to pee. I felt violated and when I voiced this, he shouted at me, claiming that he had ‘considered worse’. »

She said the officers demanded for eighty,000 naira ($215) for their launch on the starting establish however later settled for forty,000 ($108).

[For context, this is a lot of money as a significant percentage of entry-level salaries in Nigeria are between 40,000 to 80,000.]

« They allow us to head the next day. We beget been treated like we beget been animals, I felt so dehumanised. »

Extortion and illegal arrests

SARS is a branch of the Nigerian police under the criminal investigating department (CID).

The CID is the ideal investigating arm of the Nigerian police force.

Many states in Nigeria had a particular force tackling violent crimes like kidnapping and armed theft.

SARS developed from these heaps of forces and now has a nationwide decree under Nigeria’s federal police force to confront violent crimes akin to armed theft, kidnapping and communal clashes.

In a file in 2016 Amnesty Global accused SARS officers of customarily detaining younger adults unlawfully and extorting cash from their families.

The file uncovered detention companies across the country including Abuja, Enugu and Anambra, the establish victims are tortured and compelled to confess to crimes they did now not commit.

The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released a file in August 2017 which figured out that Nigeria’s law enforcement officers beget been potentially the most definitely of all civil servants to solicit and win bribes.

Social activism and SARS

Nigerian social media has no longer too lengthy prior to now been flooded with reviews of indiscriminate arrests, torture and even execute by SARS operatives.

For over per week now, the hashtag #ENDSARS has been trending on social media.

It started on December 1 with a Twitter one who shared tales of woe in the arms of SARS officers.

Thousands of Nigerians, in respond to the thread, started sharing their very beget equivalent experiences and known as on the federal government to scrap the police unit.

The jabber of the replies various from reviews of assault and illicit arrests to death threats and videos exhibiting officers taking pictures at civilians.

In step with the SARS uproar on social media, Osai Ojigho, director of Amnesty Global Nigeria, said that Nigerians had had enough of the unit and reached brink.

She said it used to be no longer enough to beget conversations spherical restructuring SARS.

« The #ENDSARS hashtag is rightly gaining the honor of the police and Nigerian government and now officers must assemble more to total these horrendous abuses of energy, » Ojigho said.

« Amnesty Global highlighted such abuses bigger than a twelve months prior to now and yet these gorgeous incidents smooth continue. Restructuring SARS is no longer enough, the government must rob concrete steps to guard Nigerians. »

SARS distress ‘non existent’

The police beget dismissed heaps of the allegations against its officers as « non existent ».

« SARS is doing neatly. They’re structured to strive against violent crimes and are doing neatly in that regard, » Chike Oti, public-relatives officer at Lagos insist police, informed Al Jazeera.

« The allegations are so distinguished I shock why folks which beget suffered such did no longer assemble formal complaints. It’s some distance never staunch that the police does no longer respond to complaints. To the simpler of my knowledge, now we beget a strategies mechanism. »

Jimoh Moshood, SARS headquarters press relatives officer, made a equivalent observation concerning the uproar spherical SARS on social media, announcing that the hashtag #ENDSARS used to be generated by plot of misconceptions.

« The Particular Anti Robbery Squad beget been doing very neatly in combating violent crimes in the county in most up-to-date times and this has resulted in a discount of violent crimes nationwide, » he said in defence of SARS officers.

Demonstrations beget been held in suport of SARS in Abuja, Nigeria. [Reuters/Afolabi Sotunde]

Displaying body piercings and dreadlocks or owning a flashy automobile or a smartphone might per chance well well well simply be thought to be probably causes by SARS for suspecting probably illegal activity.

Haneef, a resident of Ilorin in Kwara, North Central Nigeria, said he purchased stopped as soon as by SARS officers.

« They stopped me spherical Submit Office Roundabout and asked why I was riding an exact automobile, » Haneef, who did no longer would in point of fact like to relate his elephantine name, informed Al Jazeera.

« I was with my pal that day and we defined to them that the auto belonged to my father however they already concluded that we beget been into fraud.

« They said they did now not imagine my father might per chance well well perhaps give you the cash for the auto. They beat up my pal and compelled a ‘confession’ out of him. We additionally needed to phase with 50,000 naira ($133) sooner than they permit us to head.


As a younger Nigerian I basically beget by no diagram felt relaxed with any longer or much less policeman


 Judging by the response and body language of the police force, they’re clearly smooth in denial in regards to the size of this distress.

Plenty of Nigerians are no longer bowled over at SARS’ tepid response to the complaints since the country’s police force in total reacts to public uproar by pretending it does no longer exist.

Tolu Daniel, a sufferer of SARS mistreatment, informed Al Jazeera he might per chance well well perhaps be tremulous to name the police if he ever purchased robbed for fright of being brutalised.

« As a younger Nigerian I basically beget by no diagram felt relaxed with any longer or much less policeman, » he said.

For those on the receiving quit of SARS ill treatment, they wish for the police unit to be restructured and more accommodating against human rights. They additionally hope the officers figured out extorting cash and mishandling electorate to be punished per the guidelines and made to blame for their actions.

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