Manus Island’s refugee babies: Q&A with Father Clement Taulam

Manus Island’s refugee babies: Q&A with Father Clement Taulam


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Manus Island, Papua Unique Guinea – For other americans in Papua Unique Guinea (PNG), land is lifestyles. It carries astronomical spiritual and cultural significance and is a certainly essential helpful resource for food and shelter. Arguably, it is a ways potentially the most treasured asset for native communities. 

Bigger than ninety seven p.c of land in PNG is owned by households or clans, and it will no longer be sold or purchased. As a replace, it is a ways inherited by patrilineal strains – that draw it be handed down by the males in a household. Whereas matrilineal communities procure exist in PNG, ladies americans have a tendency to be adopted into their husband’s clan after marriage.

But what happens to children whose father has no access to ancestral land or property rights? 

On PNG’s dinky, a ways-off Manus Island, a minimum of 36 children had been born to Manusian ladies americans, however had been fathered by refugees, according to Lorengau hospital records.

About 600 male refugees and asylum seekers remain in correct limbo on Manus after an Australian-speed immigration detention centre changed into deemed illegal by PNG’s Supreme Court. It changed into subsequently shut down in 2017.

Below a strict protection designed to deter unauthorised boat arrivals, the Australian executive has refused to desire any of the males to Australia.

Bigger than eighty males had been resettled in the United States. The others don’t relish any more than a few however to wait till they are accredited by a third country – a course of that has been painstakingly gradual.

Father Clement Taulam is the parish priest of the Papitalai Catholic Church on Los Negros Island and has worked at some level of the do for the past 37 years.

He spoke to Al Jazeera regarding the impact the refugees had on the native other americans and the dinky island’s long ancient past of accepting outsiders.

Al Jazeera: Design you be wide awake when the refugees came to Manus Island? 

Father Clement Taulam: I finally had been here on Manus due to the the refugees came. There had been two mountainous rounds of outsiders coming to Manus Island. The first community had been other americans from West Papua – that’s on the assorted facet of the border of Papua Unique Guinea – for the length of the Seventies.

The 2nd community are these males. Heaps from Iran, Pakistan, from Sri Lanka, Sudan, Bengali, Somali. They’re all here. Whenever you scoot around town, you are going to be taught about them upright away due to the there are so a range of them.

Al Jazeera: Are they accredited in the neighborhood?

Father Taulam: Yes. Manus other americans know the be troubled of refugees due to the they themselves had been refugees. First, for the length of World Battle II, they had been displaced off their land. The 2nd time has been attributable to the excessive-rising sea stages.

So you are going to rep many other people with a ‘receiving’ mentality due to the they had been displaced and so they obtained a range of issues. So the memory stays with them.

Al Jazeera: The Australian-speed detention camp changed into closed final year. The build are the refugees now?

Father Taulam: In Lorengau town. The town is slightly dinky. In the province itself, we now relish got almost definitely about 60,000 inhabitants.

There are three camps. One is for these which had been processed and are identified as refugees. Out of these, most attention-grabbing about ninety six had been processed and long past to the United States.

Many of the refugees – about 600 of them – are mild here in Papua Unique Guinea.

About one hundred forty of them are in Port Moresby for medical reasons, essentially psychological health. About A hundred and fifty relish mild no longer been processed. So a range of refugees are aggravated due to the the device is taking a certainly very long time.

Al Jazeera: Design you look them in the neighborhood?

Father Taulam: Most frequently they procure arrive out to enlighten about with us – especially the church groups.

We desire them and we strive to abet them in their be troubled. But usually they are kept collectively in the camps, and so they are expecting any country to gather them.

Al Jazeera: What procure you divulge will occur?

Father Taulam:The draw I conception at it, PNG is being a scapegoat for this thing. 

Australia appears to be like to be asserting, ‘PNG, that is your accountability.’ And PNG is asserting to Australia, ‘Design your work, neatly-organized up your mess.’ And while that is occurring, these other americans are struggling.

We’ve had incidents of refugees being refined into communities prior to – especially by marriage – and this might per chance well well stop up the same if PNG would not rep a country for them.

We’re no longer helped especially by the Australians. They are the ones who relish put the refugees here to shield them offshore.

Father Clement Taulam says the native other americans on Manus tries to abet refugees and asylum seekers caught on the island [ASRC/MartinWurt]

Al Jazeera: Had been Manusians animated by the choice to deliver asylum seekers to PNG?

Father Taulam: In the starting build, it changed into most attention-grabbing discussed with the leaders of this country and Australia. And we accredited it. Our executive accredited it.

In the Nineties, the refugees had arrive here prior to, and so they in the kill went to Australia and to diverse worldwide locations. And Australia processed them.

But this time, Australia would not desire them, so they are left here with us in PNG.

We don’t understand why. We most attention-grabbing know Australia desires to shield them out. For us in Manus, we desire them to be settled neatly.

Al Jazeera: What’s the impact on the neighborhood?

I mediate we are feeling their presence in the province. They are putting a stress on the native economy. But – at the same time – they are coming into town and serving to by having a conception for issues from the market with their allowance.

Nonetheless, there is one thing else. We relish now records from the native hospital asserting that 36 babies had been born to our ladies americans here on Manus correct by the final 5 years. They are already like refugees on Manus due to the they are going to no longer relish anywhere to determine.

Al Jazeera: Why cannot they fair correct decide with their clan?


Father Taulam: Our land system is not any longer like diverse worldwide locations where land is owned by the executive and other americans can decide anywhere.

For other americans in Papua Unique Guinea, land is lifestyles. Here on Manus, land is handed down by the fathers or the males. In diverse communities in PNG, it be handed down by the ladies americans.

So if this type of refugees gets married to a lady from a matrilineal clan, then they’d well well well also merely be settled. But in most parts of PNG, land is patrilineal. So it be going to be complicated for them.

Their father is not any longer from here, they don’t relish any land, so potentially the most attention-grabbing draw for them is if their father stays in town and does a little of trading.

The children would be ready to determine with the mom’s clan line. But generally that is very complicated. When other americans are married, it is a current apply that the lady has to relish a examine the husband.

So when the husband is from one other country, it becomes complicated. The children might well perhaps relish difficulties one day by the usage of settling down.

So these 36 babies are already starting a novel wave of refugees on Manus.

Al Jazeera: What’s potentially the most attention-grabbing misconception about Manus?

Father Taulam: Manusian other americans are very upright other americans and are slightly welcoming to the refugees. They greet them on the facet road, enlighten with them. They strive to abet them, especially with language problems. So the angle is slightly succesful. Below the impression of alcohol stuff happens usually … and a story will blow up.

Most frequently the world paints a execrable image of Manus other americans. They divulge the island is like hell for these other americans – however in case you arrive to it, no longer certainly. We feel for them and desire potentially the most attention-grabbing for them.

But I mediate it be now a ready game.

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