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That it’s most likely you’ll not realise it, but bandwidth is dear. It charges you time, money, and battery vitality everytime you download a file higher than it needs to be.

As a result of this I’ve change into somewhat of bit smitten by SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics. They’re the closest aspect to magic that the on-line has when it comes to image compression. Let me reveal you what I indicate.

Here is the customary Twitter Logo. Or not it’s 512 * 512 pixels and, even with hefty PNG compression, weighs in at round 20KB.

Here is the identical logo rendered as an SVG. Since it’s a vector graphic it would possibly most likely maybe well also additionally be magnified infinitely without any loss of fidelity.

The Twitter logo is a bird

The uncompressed SVG is a mere 397 Bytes. No longer a typo. That it’s most likely you’ll match over three,000 of these images on a floppy disk.

As a result of this I in actual fact possess released SuperTinyIcons on GitHub. Eighty of the on-line’s most popular emblems – each image is under 1KB.

Rows of icons - each has the scale printed subsequent to it.

These recordsdata are compatible for expend on the on-line – ideal expend

I've released them as MIT licensed recordsdata - even though you will possess to test the distinctive images' licences. A lot of these emblems will seemingly be trademarked.

SuperTinyIcons on GitHub

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