Hassan Diab case: ‘A labyrinth of injustice’


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Toronto, Canada – Hassan Diab’s handwriting does no longer match the suspect’s, nor does his physical description, fingerprints or palm print.

Despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence, Ottawa professor Hassan Diab is now coming into his fourth 365 days in solitary confinement in a maximum-safety penal advanced in France for gratis or trial. The case has been when compared with the putrid Dreyfus affair, a nineteenth-century miscarriage of justice though-provoking the treason conviction of a French artillery officer.

Diab, a Lebanese Canadian, remains the utterly suspect accused of involvement within the 1980 synagogue bombing in Paris that killed four of us and injured dozens. He was arrested in 2008 in Canada on the question of French authorities and positioned under draconian bail prerequisites earlier than his extradition.

French investigative judges possess many instances stated that there might be « constant evidence » that Hassan was in Beirut, no longer Paris, on the time of the attack.

Genuine documents and plenty witnesses possess confirmed that Diab was studying and writing his college tests in Beirut on the time. The investigation confirmed that his passport was stolen and ragged by someone else.

The fingerprints and palm print found on a hotel register and in a automobile ragged within the attack attain no longer match Diab’s either.

Innocence maintained

The suspect has been described as a particular person ragged between 40 and forty five, but Diab was 26 years former on the time.

Diab, now sixty four, has repeatedly maintained his innocence.

Canadian extradition mediate Robert Maranger found the evidence presented in opposition to Diab by French authorities in 2014 to be « very problematic », « illogical » and « suspect ». On the opposite hand, attributable to the low threshold in Canadian extradition law, the mediate was compelled to train Diab’s extradition in November 2014.

Four various French judges possess ordered Diab’s conditional open eight instances within the final 18 months however the French Court docket of Charm overturned the open every time, most no longer too long within the past final month.

« It be been very refined to possess a examine why French authorities possess persisted with such a harsh plan on this case whereas the investigating mediate, who has been probing utterly, seems to be to change into increasingly extra convinced that he’s extraordinarily doubtless innocent, » stated Alex Neve, the secretary-total of Amnesty Global Canada.

« I tag no longer judge someone within the intervening time [of his extradition] would possess imagined that three years later, that he would be within the plan he’s today, trapped in a justice machine that is silent nothing but a labyrinth of injustice. »

Rania Tfaily, Diab’s most famous other and a professor on the College of Ottawa, has been campaigning the Canadian authorities for her husband’s open for the past three years, but remains pissed off by the response.

« [Canadian officials] recount they’ve been raising considerations about the case, however the tip result is the an identical. Whatever they’re doing is clearly no longer ample, due to Hassan is silent detained, » Tfaily stated.

Harsh prerequisites

Diab has been living in harsh prerequisites, saved in solitary confinement for 20 hours a day. Since his imprisonment, he has misplaced 15 kilos and suffers from support anguish, arthritis, nosebleeds and a myriad of various health considerations.

« It be very strong to support one’s mental, cognitive and psychological senses when one is deprived of what makes us human … He has minute, if any emotional, social, psychological toughen, » Tfaily stated.

Elizabeth Reid, a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada, told Al Jazeera by the exercise of electronic mail that Canadian officials possess engaged their French colleagues « generally on this case », noting that High Minister Justin Trudeau has raised it with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Diab’s French lawyers recount they imagine he’s being detained for political purposes, in train for France to appear strong on « terrorism ». Diab is one in all many folks who were wrongly imprisoned within the context of nationwide safety within the put up-9/Eleven climate, Neve smartly-known.

Hassan is going to exercise the remainder of his existence in penal advanced and die there if we tag no longer continue with our campaign exposing the injustice.

Rania Tfaily, Diab’s wife

« Canada is clearly reluctant to be overtly and publicly crucial of a rustic that will doubtless be a conclude ally. Canada will doubtless be giving France the coolest thing about the doubt that its edifying machine is going to tackle the case, » Neve stated.

In leisurely July, French investigative judges presented that their investigation was over. But Diab’s case took one other turn in leisurely September, when officials from the Israeli secret carrier met French investigative judges and supplied their toughen to charge him as an alternate of releasing him.

« Officers of a international assert possess intervened to support the case in opposition to Dr Diab alive at any tag, » stated a press open from the Justice for Hassan Diab toughen community.

Secret intelligence

This week, it was revealed that the French prosecutor has requested the investigating mediate to place Diab on trial according to secret, unsourced intelligence. The mediate will collect a resolution within the impending weeks as to whether or no longer Diab will be discharged or sent to trial.

« Such a trial can’t be allowed to happen to a Canadian citizen, critical much less one who, according to the evidence gathered by the investigating judges, was no longer even in France on the time of the crime, » smartly-known Diab’s attorney in Canada, Don Bayne.

« A trial according to secret, unsourced non-evidence that can’t be challenged is contrary to most famous justice, contrary to our Charter, and a recipe for wrongful conviction. The Executive of Canada can not condone a trial for Dr Diab persevering with in such conditions, and must object to a Canadian citizen being subjected to such a clearly unjust ‘trial’. »

As Diab continues to languish on the Fleury-Merogis penal advanced within the southern suburbs of Paris whereas the 37-365 days-former investigation continues, Tfaily, a mom of two babies, fears that her husband can also die in penal advanced. She is determined to continue campaigning on his behalf.

« It leaves me drained, so drained. Why does this withhold going down to him? It be been over nine years, » Tfaily stated. « 9 years that was taken from his existence, from our existence and no topic the total evidence of his innocence. It be indubitably strong.

« I do know the penalties of no longer doing ample, » she added. « Hassan is going to exercise the remainder of his existence in penal advanced and die there if we tag no longer continue with our campaign exposing the injustice. The result for him is going to be indubitably terrible. »

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