100 faces of Rohingya refugees


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Last August, the authorities of Myanmar launched a brutal crackdown on the Rohingya in Rakhine Sigh.

Some seven-hundred,000 Rohingya have fled Rakhine to Bangladesh since then.
Most of them now live in overcrowded, squalid refugee camps on the border.

Nearly every Rohingya refugee has a story that is nothing much less than a nightmare.

The violence is described as a “textbook instance of ethnic detoxing” by the UN, which has documented allegations of in style killings, sexual violence and rather about a abuse.

Al Jazeera photojournalist Showkat Shafi travelled to Bangladesh to meet the Rohingya residing in refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar.

He came abet with 100 enticing portraits of Rohingya who accept as true with the scars of what they went thru and are surviving against all odds.

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