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Why are folk interested by Sydney’s water provide?

Many environmentalists are expressing concern over Sydney’s water supply. Coal mining is affecting the region’s catchments – a network of dams, rivers, lakes and wetlands spanning 16,000sq kilometres – that supply water to the country’s most populous city. Mines have operated in the region for well over a century, but recent data shows that those…


Cape Metropolis confronts looming ‘Day Zero’ water crisis

Like many others in Cape Town, Sandra Dickson has no other option but to get creative. « We catch water from our showers in buckets, and throw it into our toilets, » Dickson, who has been living in the South African city for the last 24 years, told Al Jazeera. « We’re doing all sorts of things, » she…


Parched for a cost: Karachi’s water crisis

« The mafia is very strong » “We have carried out more than 400 operations against illegal hydrants in recent years,” Rizwan Hyder, a spokesperson for the KWSB, told Al Jazeera. “We are acting against these things … and working with the police …. We have lodged scores of cases against people operating illegal hydrants. The local…

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