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Turkey-Israel row: Video of airport frisking deepens tensions 0

Turkey-Israel row: Video of airport frisking deepens tensions

A diplomatic row between Turkey and Israel following the Israeli army’s killing of dozens of Palestinians is showing no signs of slowing down amid reciprocal expulsions and heated exchanges. In the latest episode, Israel protested on Wednesday over what it called Turkey’s « unbecoming treatment » of its expelled ambassador, after he was shown on Turkish TV…


Israel fighter jet smash ratchets up regional tensions

Israel’s intensive air raids against what it said were Iranian targets inside Syria have ratcheted up regional tensions, as Russia, a key player in Syria’s long-running war, urged restraint. The Israeli army on Saturday launched « large scale » attacks inside Syria after intercepting what it said was an Iranian drone and the subsequent downing of an…


Putin, Erdogan warn US switch dangers escalating tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has concluded a whirlwind one-day regional tour with a stop in Turkey, where he joined his Turkish counterpart in criticising a US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Before landing in Ankara on Monday to meet Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Putin made an unscheduled visit to war-torn Syria, where he ordered Russian…

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