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Catalonia: Pro-independence candidate wins presidency 0

Catalonia: Pro-independence candidate wins presidency

Catalonia’s regional parliament has elected pro-independence supporter Quim Torra as president, ending months of political stalemate in Spain’s northeastern region. Torra, a close ally of former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, has promised to draft a constitution for a future Catalan Republic and restore regional laws that were suspended by Spanish courts in the wake of the October 1 referendum.…


China’s Xi Jinping expected to build up lifetime presidency

China’s parliament is set to hand President Xi Jinping free rein to rule the Asian superpower indefinitely, with potential dissenting votes offering the only suspense in Sunday’s historic vote. The National People’s Congress is all but certain to approve a constitutional amendment that has stunned many in China, sparking an unusual bout of criticism that…

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