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The hypocrisy of the European Of us’s Occasion 0

The hypocrisy of the European Of us’s Occasion

Seventy years ago, in the aftermath of the total destruction that the unleashing of rabid nationalism brought to Europe, a group of visionary men came together with an idea of uniting European countries. At the helm of this project was a circle of influential Christian Democrats, including Italian prime minister and anti-fascist politician Alcide De Gasperi…


UN chief calls for an cease to the Syrian other folk’s ‘struggling’

The UN secretary-general urged Security Council members to « end the suffering » of residents in besieged Eastern Ghouta, as the US threatened to « act if we must » as a ceasefire continues to be ignored by Syrian and Russian forces.  Antonio Guterres’ remarks on Monday came as government forces continued for a third week to launch air strikes and advance a…

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