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Nonetheless getting away with rape in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal – On March 8, 2015, six-year-old Puja Saha finally died. For more than two weeks, her small body had been attached to life-saving machines at the intensive care unit of Kathmandu’s Kanti Children’s Hospital. A police officer stood guard outside the room. Puja’s father, Badri Narayan Saha sat outside, desperate with agony, crying intermittently.…


Why menstrual stigma continues to issue lives in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal – In Nepal’s far western Achham, a remote arid region where farming villages dot the foothills of the Himalayas, government and aid workers have walked from door-to-door for nearly a decade to advocate against chauupadi, an ancient Hindu ritual where women are banished from their homes during menstruation. Their ultimate goal is to…

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