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Iran: Stopping ‘terror’ publicly, mourning the ineffective secretly 0

Iran: Stopping ‘terror’ publicly, mourning the ineffective secretly

Since the start of the Syrian uprising in 2011, Iran’s military footprint in Syria has gradually increased. In the early days of the war, Tehran’s intervention was limited to sending military advisors to train Syrian forces. Today, it is recruiting and commanding a number of Shia militias which have become the dominant pro-regime forces on…


The Eritrean diaspora is mourning

Since February 19, Eritrean social media have been flooded with tributes to Haile « Durue » Woldensae, the country’s former foreign minister who had been in incommunicado detention since September 18, 2001. The social media reaction was ignited by a post by Sacttism, a Facebook page run by an anonymous regime whistle-blower, which announced the death of…


Fatah legitimate booted from Palestinian mourning tent

A senior member of Fatah, the party ruling the occupied West Bank, has been expelled from the mourning tent for a Palestinian slain by Israeli forces. A video posted on social media shows Azzam al-Ahmad being kicked out of Friday’s mourning procession in Jordan’s capital, Amman, by relatives of Ahmad Jarrar, a 22-year-old who was…

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