Étiqueté : Moria


Rare gape into lifestyles interior Lesbos’ Moria refugee camp

Lesbos, Greece – In March 2016, the European Union and Turkey signed a controversial deal to prevent refugees and migrants from reaching Europe. The agreement came after more than 46,000 refugees had reached the Greek Island of Lesbos in just the two months before it. In April 2016, the month after the deal was reached, the…


Refugees effort iciness at diminutive and decrepit Moria camp

Moria, Lesbos Island, Greece – Jalal Ahmed al-Talaa rests on his haunches in front of his tattered tent in an olive grove next to the Moria refugee camp. Rubbish, used toilet paper, urine-filled water bottles, dirty nappies and human faeces are scattered across the field. Al-Talaa, a 30-year-old Syrian who arrived in Greece last month,…

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