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Malaysia election: All it be well-known to know 0

Malaysia election: All it be well-known to know

Malaysians will head to the polls on Wednesday to vote in the country’s 14th general election. The vote pits a nonagenarian out of political retirement against a former protégé. If this was a film, the story line would have been dismissed as far-fetched. But this is politics in Malaysia. The upcoming election has had voters,…


Rohingya refugees searching for safe haven in Malaysia

Alor Setar, Malaysia – Shahjan Bibi, 45, came to Malaysia from Myanmar on a boat with her six children four years ago. Initially, she was reluctant to leave her home in Maungdaw, Rakhine state. « In my village, life was good, » Bibi recalled. « Then the Myanmar military started making life difficult for us. They beat us…

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