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50 years after MLK’s death: The formative years stay out his legacy

New York City – The news that Martin Luther King Jr had been murdered on a balcony in Memphis, Tennessee hit 17-year-old Freeman Hrabowski like a death in the family. In 1968, Hrabowski was a math-obsessed undergraduate at Hampton University, in the midst of pledging King’s Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. His fellow students were devastated,…


Kenya men rent better halves to tourists to carry out a residing

Kwale, Kenya – It’s a cloudy Sunday morning in Kenya’s Kwale county and Sande Ramadan just woke up to get ready for another weekend of work. Wearing a green vest and khaki shorts, he washes his face and proceeds to the living room where his wife Janet Wambui serves him breakfast. « Thanks for waking me up,…


Bangkok’s Somali refugees persecuted and dwelling in misfortune

Bangkok, Thailand – « I’ve never experienced cold like this, » says RK, a 19-year-old Somali refugee, as he sits in a downtown Bangkok alley one December morning. It is 20 degrees, and opposite is the Suan Phlu Immigration Detention Center, an office building concealing thousands of undocumented migrants. It is a stone’s throw from Bangkok’s gregarious…


Palestinians in Lebanon: ‘It’s adore residing in a penal complex’

Beddawi, Lebanon – Mahmoud Mashwra was 12 when he left school to sell candy on the street. Mashwra, whose family fled Israeli oppression in the Palestinian territories years ago in hopes of a better life in Lebanon, instead found a dismal economy, international aid shortages and discrimination against Palestinians. He began working full-time to help…

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