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Being an Iranian American 0

Being an Iranian American

Los Angeles, California – Iranian Americans, like many other Americans with roots in the Middle East and North Africa, have been made to feel like outsiders in the United States.  In addition to facing the stereotypes perpetuated by the media, they’ve also been targeted by the US government.  President Donald Trump’s travel ban has torn apart families…


As unrest simmers, Scotland’s Iranian diaspora see on

Glasgow, Scotland – « I was not a dangerous person. I was not very active but in my community there was a group of girls who were very active and together we just wanted some very basic things, » says Tarooneh, who found herself in Glasgow in October 2007 after five months spent in London on a…


The GCC’s palms bustle and the Iranian ‘threat’

For the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members, 2017 is ending with much insecurity and uncertainty. Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran continue to mount as does friction between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey. Yemen’s humanitarian disaster is getting worse, as Houthi fighters continue to fire missiles into Saudi Arabia and Riyadh responds…

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