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Tapped cell phone calls further deliver Golden Crack of break of day’s police ties

Athens, Greece – Wiretapped phone calls entered into evidence in the ongoing trial of Golden Dawn have further revealed the neo-fascist party’s connections with police.  Sixty-nine members of Golden Dawn, which has 16 seats in Greece’s parliament, are on trial for allegedly operating a criminal organisation. Last Monday and Wednesday, a series of phone calls and SMS…

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Zimbabweans react to the Mugabes’ ‘golden handshake’

Harare, Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe’s recently retired President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace, are set to receive « a golden handshake » worth millions of dollars, immunity from prosecution and protection of their vast business interests. News of Mugabe’s immunity has sparked criticism from activists, including activist pastor Evan Mawarire, who has called on the 93-year-old to…

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