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Hyenas, wolves and illness ‘welcome’ Yemenis fleeing war

Markazi refugee camp, Djibouti – Waking up to the Fajr, pre-dawn Muslim call for prayer, Ahmed Quraini begins every day with hope, as he has done for years. With his eyes widening at every verse crackling through a broken loudspeaker, he then staggers to his feet, before brushing off from his hair and face a thick layer of dust that…


Indigenous Yukpa face humanitarian crisis after fleeing Venezuela

Cucuta, Colombia – A pink stroller is surrounded by rubbish where children covered in dirt linger around a makeshift camp under a bridge in Colombia’s Cucuta. The anesthetised gaze in the children’s eyes reflects their precarious health situation which worsens by the week. They are sheltering from the scorching sun in the shadow of a…

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