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Malaysia’s opposition claims steal over ruling coalition 0

Malaysia’s opposition claims steal over ruling coalition

Malaysia’s opposition leader Mahathir Mohamad said the alliance he leads has won enough parliament seats in Wednesday’s general election to form the next government. The vote count was continuing, however, and official results so far did not back his claim. A simple majority of 112 seats is required by a party or alliance to rule,…


Abiy Ahmed elected as chairman of Ethiopia’s ruling coalition

Ethiopia’s ruling coalition has elected Abiy Ahmed as its new chairman, according to state media. The announcement on Tuesday by state broadcaster FANA means that Ahmed, who hails from the Oromo ethnic group, is now expected to succeed Hailemariam Desalegn as Ethiopia’s prime minister. The chairman of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition has historically also…


Dying from above: Each Saudi coalition air raid on Yemen

Every Saudi coalition air raid on Yemen Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Arab states have been at war in Yemen. The coalition has conducted a large-scale aerial offensive aimed at driving back Houthi rebels who control the capital Sanaa and large parts of the north. Launching more than 16,633 air raids,…


Germany’s prime two occasions dealer ‘broad coalition’ deal

After months of political limbo, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative alliance appears set to form a coalition government with its main rival, the Social Democratic Party (SPD). Representatives from Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, alongside partners from the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) party, agreed terms with SPD negotiators on Wednesday. It follows an…

Merkel hopeful of renewed Germany coalition talks 0

Merkel hopeful of renewed Germany coalition talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she is optimistic of forming a coalition government after almost four months of political uncertainty since the country’s federal elections. Talks between the country’s two major parties – Merkel’s Christian Democrat alliance (CDU/CSU) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) – to form a new ruling coalition resumed in the capital, Berlin,…


US requires global ‘coalition’ to counter Iran

The US ambassador to the UN has called for an international coalition to counter Iran’s influence in the Middle East, while accusing the country of « fanning the flames of conflict » in the region. Nikki Haley, standing in front of what she said were the remnants of Iranian-made weapons, said the US has found evidence that…

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