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In Sri Lanka, hate speech and impunity gas anti-Muslim violence

A day before anti-Muslim mobs swept through a peaceful hill town in central Sri Lanka, the leader of a Sinhala nationalist group took a stroll through the town’s centre. « We have been distributing leaflets and have now reached Digana, » Amith Weerasinghe said into the camera of his phone. « But the problem is we haven’t come…


Sri Lanka Buddhist monks denounce anti-Muslim riots

Hundreds of Buddhist monks and activists have rallied in the Sri Lanka’s capital against anti-Muslim riots that have killed at least two people and forced the government to declare a nationwide state of emergency. The National Bhikku Front said on Friday they organised the silent protest against what they called « communal clashes destroying national unity ».…


Sri Lanka ‘on the brink’ amid unique anti-Muslim violence

Ambatenna, Sri Lanka – The Sinhalese Buddhist mob came by the hundreds, screaming at the top of their lungs and carrying sticks, stones and petrol bombs, as they descended on the hill town of Ambatenna in central Sri Lanka on Wednesday. Some two dozen policemen and soldiers watched helplessly, according to residents, as the mob…


Some distance-simply German MP slammed for anti-Muslim tweet

A far-right German politician has been condemned for an anti-Arab and anti-Muslim Tweet, which briefly saw her suspended from the platform. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) MP Beatrix von Storch said Cologne police were appeasing « barbaric, gang-raping, Muslim hordes » when they tweeted out a New Year’s Day message in Arabic. Under newly introduced German hate…

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