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#TakeAKnee: Groups, followers slam NFL nationwide anthem enlighten rule 0

#TakeAKnee: Groups, followers slam NFL nationwide anthem enlighten rule

Right groups, fans, sports analysts and players have hit back at the National Football League’s (NFL) decision to fine teams if their players refused to stand for the pre-game US national anthem, renewing debate over racial injustice and the right to protest in the country.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced a new policy on Wednesday…


India reverses sigh on nationwide anthem at theatres

India’s Supreme Court has reversed an earlier order that mandated theatres to play the national anthem before film screenings to instill « a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism » in citizens. A 12-member government panel will examine and recommend anthem-related protocol within the next six months, the top court said on Tuesday. Indians had hotly debated…


Jail in Hong Kong for booing China’s national anthem

Hong Kong, China – Mocking China’s national anthem in this semi-autonomous territory will soon be punishable by three years imprisonment following new legislation drafted by Beijing. While the law must still be finalised, football fans have made a stand at recent games where the anthem – March of the Volunteers – has played. A number…

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