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Facebook: As much as 87m affected in Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook has said that up to 87 million of its users may have had their data accessed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, almost double the number previously reported. The announcement came on Wednesday in the second-to-last paragraph of a statement by Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer. The social media giant is facing scrutiny over its…


Politics within the digital age: Cambridge Analytica in Kenya

Last week, social media giant Facebook announced that it was suspending data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica (CA) from its platform. According to Facebook, CA had violated its policies on user data when a researcher accessed millions of user’s data from the site and transferred it to CA. CA has so far denied any accusations of wrongdoing…


Fb summoned for questioning over Cambridge Analytica leaks

A US privacy watchdog is investigating Facebook over a potential breach of user confidentiality. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), an independent government body charged with insuring companies abide by their own privacy policies, is looking at whether the social media giant violated a 2011 consent decree after media reports emerged alleging it had handed the…

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