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Being an Iranian American 0

Being an Iranian American

Los Angeles, California – Iranian Americans, like many other Americans with roots in the Middle East and North Africa, have been made to feel like outsiders in the United States.  In addition to facing the stereotypes perpetuated by the media, they’ve also been targeted by the US government.  President Donald Trump’s travel ban has torn apart families…


Russia expels 60 US diplomats, closes American consulate

Moscow – Russia gave official notice to 60 US diplomats to leave the country by April 5 in response to Washington’s expulsion of 60 Russian officials earlier this week. According to a statement by the Russian foreign ministry released on Thursday, 58 of those expelled served at the US embassy in Moscow and two at…


Trump, tribalism and the kill of American capitalism

America’s first businessperson in the White House is doing more to destroy the American capitalist system than any previous president. A strong market economy needs a robust middle class, mechanisms for upward mobility, and clear rule of law to grow and sustain itself over time. US President Donald Trump has little allegiance to any of…

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