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What next for Ethiopia after EPRDF picks Abiy Ahmed as chief?

Analysts have voiced optimism over the election of Abiy Ahmed as the new chairman of the ruling coalition in Ethiopia, a country rocked by mass, anti-government protests for several years. Abiy is now expected to be sworn in as prime minister in a matter of days after winning 108 out of 180 votes in a meeting…


Shoukry: ‘No fine reason’ limiting Ahmed Shafiq

There is no legal reason restricting Ahmed Shafiq, the former Egyptian prime minister, from contesting the 2018 presidential elections, according to the country’s foreign minister. Sameh Shoukry made the remarks while participating in a meeting on the Mediterranean in Italy on Friday, just days after Shafiq announced his intention to run. Shafiq, a former Egyptian…


Confusion surrounds Ahmed Shafik’s fate in the UAE

Former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq and the UAE’s Foreign Minister have issued contradictory statements over the former’s fate in the country. Shafiq claimed on Wednesday to have been prevented from leaving the UAE after announcing his intent to contest the Egyptian presidential elections expected to take place next year, but the Emirati minister of…

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