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Saudi Arabia ‘arrests ladies folk’s rights activists’ 0

Saudi Arabia ‘arrests ladies folk’s rights activists’

Saudi Arabia has arrested a number of female rights activists in the kingdom over the past days, rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Gulf Centre for Human Rights said. In a statement issued on Saturday, US-based HWR said Saudi authorities detained seven women’s rights defenders since May 15. The women have long been advocating…


India parties now can get foreign funding, activists pronounce no longer OK

New Delhi, India – Political parties in India are now exempt from scrutiny of their past foreign fundings. They can now receive political donations from Indians living abroad as well as foreign companies with subsidiaries in India. A controversial amendment to a law on foreign donations, with retrospective effect, was rushed through parliament by the…


Yemen: Politicians, experts, activists raise apprehension after MBS day out

London, England – The international community, including Britain, must load pressure on the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen to avoid further bloodshed, a Yemeni politician told a conference in London on Saturday. Abdulrahman al-Hamdi addressed delegates the day after Mohammad bin Salman, the kingdom’s 32-year-old crown prince accused by activists of being the « architect » of the…

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