Étiqueté : Abuja


Nigeria: Clearing the locals to develop Abuja the capital

Abuja, Nigeria – Nigeria’s capital Abuja is a planned city with expansive roads lined with trees. Unlike Lagos – the commercial centre – traffic jams are rare. Nigerian politicians are proud of Abuja and tout it as an example of what a modern African city should be. It was not always the capital of Africa’s most populous country.…


Thousands displaced by Boko Haram languish in Abuja IDP camps

Abuja, Nigeria – It’s a few minutes past 9am and Sunana Ibrahim Wariga’s daily struggle is just beginning. Wariga, a stocky 56-year old, is one of thousands who call Durumi camp in the capital home. He escaped the deadly Boko Haram rebellion in his home state of Borno more than three years ago. « I used…

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